Client Testimonials

During the most challenging time of my life I was fortunate to have Fiedler and Timmer as my voice and advocate.  Brooke Timmer and David Albrecht truly care about the people they represent and are dedicated to their cases.

Brooke and David immersed themselves into my case and shared my story as if they’d experienced it.  They put their own lives on hold during trial to provide the best representation anyone could hope for.

I am so grateful to Brooke, David and their team for their passion and professionalism.

– Luann Huss

After giving the State of Iowa 37 years of my life, I was devastated when I was fired because of my disability. When I decided I had to do something about what the State did to me, I chose Fiedler & Timmer. From the time I walked in their office to the last day in court they worked hard to right a wrong that had been done. The jury found for me on all counts and awarded just under $600,000 in lost wages and emotional distress damages. I have now wound down and reality has set in concerning the outcome and how we got here. I thank Whitney from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work she put into this with Brooke and Robin. I do not believe I could have picked a more dedicated firm. The professionalism is beyond reproach and stands marks above what I have ever witnessed. Thanks for a job well done.

– John Vetter

I would never have made it through the process
Deciding to stand up for myself against an entire company was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. If not for Brooke Timmer, I would never have made it through the process. I would have caved, and the wrong party would have won. The entire team at Fiedler & Timmer came together and every single person gave 110% from start to finish. They stood up, spoke passionately and eloquently when I wasn’t able. They somehow got me to continue the fight day after day when walking away would have been so easy, and in the end, not only was my voice heard…… it was heard far and wide. There is no place else I would send someone to find vindication and validation than straight to Fiedler & Timmer.

– Tina Haskenhoff

Integrity, honesty and passion; those are three characteristics that make up the fabric of professionalism. They are three qualities I would want reflected in anyone representing my best interest, and they are three attributes I found in abundance when Fiedler & Timmer chose to represent my case. While I had the privilege to work directly with Brooke Timmer, I was represented at Arbitration by Whitney Judkins and Emily McCarty.

Whitney and Emily presented my case with superior intellectual acuity, incredible attention to detail, and a passion for seeing through a verdict in my benefit that had the same determination of cause as my own.

Perhaps most rewarding throughout the duration of my legal process was the care and concern Fiedler and Timmer representatives showed for my feelings and future. Everyone I worked with and through, most significantly Brooke, Whitney, and Emily, was genuine with their thoughts and perspective. The honesty and consideration of their communication built a rapport that I will always appreciate and be thankful for.

I would highly encourage and recommend Fiedler and Timmer to anyone seeking responsible, professional and passionate Employment Law representation. The Firm’s knowledge and insight into law practices and procedures is executed with flawless precision. Equal only to this quality, is their emphasis on the importance of building a strong relationship with their client, and the positive impact that can have on any outcome.

– Benjamin A. Happel

Mark & I are so glad that we were referred to you and your firm. The minute we left your office we knew we had the right people to represent us. We can’t say thank you enough for taking on our case and for all you did. You and your firm were great to work with. Everyone in your office was so nice, thank them for us as well.

– Terri P.

I am ecstatic about the way Brooke Timmer and Whitney Judkins handled my sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit. These ladies were great to work with – from the beginning to the end of my lawsuit. I will be forever grateful for the way they represented my case and me. They are very knowledgeable and heartfelt individuals. The tireless effort and determination they showed throughout my seven day trial meant the world to me. They were extremely prepared and refused to let opposing counsel intimidate or make up lies about me. These ladies took the time to get to know me and my case inside out. I always felt that they had my best interest at heart. I would recommend Fiedler & Timmer Law firm to everyone!

– Mindy Gilster

About 2 or 3 years ago I got sick and was having trouble getting things figured out. I applied for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and during the process I was fired. My entire world came crashing down as I became depressed. I suffered from low self esteem; I lost my self-respect and my financial independence. I was devastated. I did not know where to turn. Someone gave me Paige Fiedler’s name and said she was the best FMLA lawyer he knew.

Paige Fiedler and Whitney Judkins represented me not only regarding the FMLA violations, but also the sex discrimination and retaliation I experienced. Paige and Whitney were always available for me to ask questions, to listen to my personal problems with my finances, but most of all to reassure me that one day this would be behind me.

As I watched Paige and Whitney do their jobs in court, I never doubted for one minute I had made the right choice for representation. They both not only knew the business but had the time to take care of me as a person, and a friend, not just a client. This was Whitney’s first trial, and she handled herself like she had done 100 of them! These two ladies really were my “guardian angels.” I would suggest strongly that if you need help, call Fiedler & Timmer as I did. You won’t be disappointed. They are amazing!

– Debi Erwine

My experience with the Fiedler & Timmer was exceptional!

I met Brooke and Paige amidst the most difficult situation to date in my life. I had been fired following a complaint I made to my manager and director regarding sexual harassment comments made to me by a physician at work. I had been a registered nurse for 19 years. Within 10 days of my complaint I was fired. I was devastated and my life was totally turned upside-down. What had happened to me was so unbelievable; I was not sure how I would ever get through it. I was referred to the Fiedler & Timmer by an acquaintance.

During the time I worked with their firm, I went through a wide range of emotions. They were very personable, compassionate, and empathetic in their approach in working with me. They would keep in touch with me regarding the various stages of the lawsuit and provided me detailed explanations at a level I could understand. I felt well prepared for any legal proceedings I was required to be a part of in the 2 ½ year process.

My case resolved in a jury trial. During trial, Brooke and Paige both performed at a high level. They provided an excellent summary to the jury of what had happened to me. Their tenacious spirit helped me regain confidence in myself that I had not felt in a very long time. Even though going through trial was very uncomfortable, their tenacity and confidence was very comforting to me. Both Brooke and Paige demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment in representing my case to the court system.

In closing, I am very thankful for my introduction to Brooke and Paige. They honestly and fairly represented my case in the court system. They held their heads up high and fought an honest fight based on the facts of the case! They helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Through the legal process they helped me feel good about the decision I had made to pursue legal action against my former employer who placed me in a situation I knew was not right. Brooke and Paige helped me gain confidence in myself again as I began my journey in healing from this very traumatic situation in my life. I would recommend the Fiedler & Timmer Law Firm to anyone requiring services regarding harassment and/or retaliation.

– Beth Hodges

We were very impressed with Paige and Brooke’s hard-work, dedication, organization and thoroughness with our case. They were both very professional and well organized and spent countless hours working on the case. They anticipated every move of the opposition with detailed arguments prepared in advance. We felt reassured after watching them in court, as they are experienced, professional people I would recommend to anyone, and I would contact them again if I ever had to. We will always be thankful to both Paige and Brooke for everything they have done for us.

– Ajay and Jody Garg

I have always been one to do what is right. When I was being sexually harassed I did try to stand up for myself, but ultimately I ended up losing my job. At the time it was devastating to my ego, self esteem, self respect, and even being independent. I thought to myself there is no way I can ever pick up & recover from this very devastating thing that people can put you through.

Even though I knew nothing about the legal system, I was not going to let that company get by with what they had done. I was scared. I did not want to have my name or my family’s name be trashed and drug through the dirt or even on the news. I was so ashamed I did not want people to know!

I can never repay Paige for what she did. She never forgot me in all the mess, and made sure my best interests always came first. I never felt that i did not matter. If you really want someone to stand up for your rights, I know from first-hand experience that Paige Fiedler will do just that!

– Trish Fulkerson