Racial Harassment

The most common type of harassment is sexual, although you can also be harassed based on your race, national origin, or any other protected characteristic.

Racial harassment can include negative comments, threats, negative images, or jokes regarding persons of a certain race. It can include isolating, threatening, or shunning a person based on race. We have helped clients whose workplaces allowed racist graffiti, hanging nooses, and the use of abhorrent racial slurs.

Make sure you save evidence. Although your natural instinct may be to tear up a written “joke” or throw a rope straight into the garbage, the best thing you can do to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions is to keep your cool and hold onto such items. You may also want to take photographs when appropriate.

Complain to your employer about the harassment and keep complaining, even if it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Complain to your supervisor, your supervisor’s boss, to Human Resources, and to any corporate hot-line. Reports in writing are best, particularly via e-mail because that will make a record of the dates and times you complained. Make copies of your complaints and keep them at home.

All information on our website is meant to be generally informative. To find out whether this information or certain employment laws apply to your situation in particular, you should consult a lawyer of your choice.