Judicial Retention Elections

by Thomas Freeman
It is ultimately our job, as citizens and voters, to ensure the officials that represent us are doing their jobs. Every year we have elections to determine who should represent us in a variety of local, state, and federal offices. It is important that we hold judges to the same standard. It is up to us to determine that the judges who run our courtrooms are highly qualified, of good character, and free from bias. Judicial retention elections allow us to vote on whether judges fit those criteria and should continue to serve. The following resources provide information that will prove helpful as you evaluate the judges in your state. Election day this year is Tuesday, November 8th. Make sure you cast your ballot wisely.


In Iowa, after serving a full year on the bench, every justice and judge must stand for retention at the next general election and then near the end of each regular term of office. Voter’s Judicial Directory https://www.iowacourts.gov/static/media/cms/2022_Voters_Guide_FFF1DFFB35CC2.pdf Judicial Performance Reviews https://www.iowabar.org/?pg=JudicialEvaluations


In Nebraska, a judge must run for retention in office in the first general election that occurs more than three (3) years after his or her appointment, and every six (6) years thereafter. Judicial Retention Election Filings https://supremecourt.nebraska.gov/public/judicial-retention-election Judicial Performance Reviews Uncategorized

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