Racial Harassment

Examples of Racial Harassment

  • Negative comments, slurs, images, or jokes regarding people of a certain race or color
  • Isolating, threatening, or shunning a person based on race
  • Racist graffiti or memes, hanging nooses, or other physical symbols of hate

Racial harassment has no place at work

Our advice for harassment cases is always to save evidence. Although your natural instinct may be to tear up a written “joke” or throw a rope straight into the garbage, the best thing you can do to hold people accountable is to keep your cool and hold onto such items. You may also want to take photographs when appropriate.

Then, complain to your employer about the harassment and keep complaining—even if it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Complain to your supervisor, your supervisor’s boss, to human resources, and to any corporate hotline.

Reports and complaints in writing are best. Email is particularly good because then you’ll have a record of the dates and times you complained. Make copies of your complaints and keep them at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Racial Harassment