My experience with the Fiedler & Timmer was exceptional!

I met Brooke and Paige amidst the most difficult situation to date in my life. I had been fired following a complaint I made to my manager and director regarding sexual harassment comments made to me by a physician at work. I had been a registered nurse for 19 years. Within 10 days of my complaint I was fired. I was devastated and my life was totally turned upside-down. What had happened to me was so unbelievable; I was not sure how I would ever get through it. I was referred to the Fiedler & Timmer by an acquaintance.

During the time I worked with their firm, I went through a wide range of emotions. They were very personable, compassionate, and empathetic in their approach in working with me. They would keep in touch with me regarding the various stages of the lawsuit and provided me detailed explanations at a level I could understand. I felt well prepared for any legal proceedings I was required to be a part of in the 2 ½ year process.

My case resolved in a jury trial. During trial, Brooke and Paige both performed at a high level. They provided an excellent summary to the jury of what had happened to me. Their tenacious spirit helped me regain confidence in myself that I had not felt in a very long time. Even though going through trial was very uncomfortable, their tenacity and confidence was very comforting to me. Both Brooke and Paige demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment in representing my case to the court system.

In closing, I am very thankful for my introduction to Brooke and Paige. They honestly and fairly represented my case in the court system. They held their heads up high and fought an honest fight based on the facts of the case! They helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Through the legal process they helped me feel good about the decision I had made to pursue legal action against my former employer who placed me in a situation I knew was not right. Brooke and Paige helped me gain confidence in myself again as I began my journey in healing from this very traumatic situation in my life. I would recommend the Fiedler & Timmer Law Firm to anyone requiring services regarding harassment and/or retaliation.

- Beth Hodges