I never thought there would come a time when my success could not be ensured by my work ethic, passion, and fortitude.  But the unexpected day arrived where I had to be brave enough to seek help.  My search took me to Amy.  I was facing an emotional and unforeseen change in my health and career simultaneously.

I learned that Amy started her career as a small town girl like myself.  I felt comfortable in this knowledge.  I read about the Fielder Law Firm and grew trust in them to assist me with what felt like such a hopeless situation.

As we tackled the journey together, I saw Amy as assertive, compassionate, and absolutely driven to see the world made right for me.  She listened and made me feel seen and heard.  She took in the relevant information and analyzed the means to move my life forward.  I was supported with every phone call, text message, and office visit.  Explanations were shared with me and I felt total confidence in the process.

Amy and her legal services helped me reclaim my life after a devastating event.  I regained my confidence and self-esteem.  I am extremely grateful for this firm and Amy.

- Joan