I was wrongfully terminated by my employer after suffering harassment for using FMLA to care for my child.  I was referred to three different firms, but chose Fiedler Law Firm.  Their record spoke for itself, and I could tell immediately that I was a priority to them.  Everyone, including the attorneys and staff, were very friendly and knowledgeable.  The staff helped me navigate everything so I didn’t get overwhelmed, quickly responding to my messages or calls.

David Albrecht was the main attorney I worked with, and I could not have been more pleased with his performance.  He was always prepared and always had me prepared.  I will provide an example of the greatness of David Albrecht.  At the end of several long days of depositions, I was tired, and the other side switched attorneys so they could stay fresh.  David was not only ready for the marathon, but he never stumbled and was ready to catch any misstep or change in story. By the end, it felt like he knew my case better than I did.

We eventually mediated my case.  Paige was the other attorney on my case and she was great, especially during mediation.  She has a ton of experience and it’s obvious that she is well respected.  Paige was great at being sensitive during mediation but somehow was also firm and honest.

As a team the Fiedler Law Firm was Amazing!!!!  I would recommend them to anyone.

- Scott