Making the decision to sue my employer, a place that I loved and had dedicated myself to for 20 years for sexual harassment, was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I was scared, confused, defeated and exhausted. From the moment I met Madison, I felt heard. Madison became my champion. She listened to my story, shared my burden,  she made me feel worthy again. By the trial Madison knew all of the players and all of the details of my case as intimately as I did. She made sure that I understood every step of the process and my role in it. She was accessible for questions and concerns and she always made sure I understood the why. She asked for my input and respected my thoughts and ideas. She helped me feel like I had some control when I had felt powerless for so long.

It was such an honor that my case was the first time that Paige and Madison went to trial together. I was in awe watching them. They are strong, confident and smart. I was astounded at how they distilled so many witnesses and thousands of pages of documents down to the most salient, important points of my case. It was watching science and magic. They were there for me when my resolve to fight faltered,  they assured me when I was afraid, they cheered me when things went well.

Paige and Madison believed in me. They were kind when I needed kindness, responsive when I need an answer. They were shoulders to cry on when I had doubt. They celebrated with me when they took me from victim to victor. Everyone at Fiedler law firm formed a circle of support around me. I could not have asked for more.

- Tracy