I have always been one to do what is right. When I was being sexually harassed I did try to stand up for myself, but ultimately I ended up losing my job. At the time it was devastating to my ego, self esteem, self respect, and even being independent. I thought to myself there is no way I can ever pick up & recover from this very devastating thing that people can put you through.

Even though I knew nothing about the legal system, I was not going to let that company get by with what they had done. I was scared. I did not want to have my name or my family’s name be trashed and drug through the dirt or even on the news. I was so ashamed I did not want people to know!

I can never repay Paige for what she did. She never forgot me in all the mess, and made sure my best interests always came first. I never felt that i did not matter. If you really want someone to stand up for your rights, I know from first-hand experience that Paige Fiedler will do just that!

- Trish