Firm, Client Awarded $1.1M in Post-Trial Orders

by Fiedler Law Firm

In late 2014, a Chickasaw County jury found in favor of one of our firm’s many brave clients, Tina Haskenhoff, on her sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims against Homeland Energy Solutions.

This morning, the Iowa District Court for Chickasaw County upheld the jury’s verdict and ordered Homeland to pay an additional $240,000 in front pay for Tina, and $846,364.30 for Tina’s attorney’s fees and expenses. The total relief awarded in Tina’s favor is now $2,486,364.40, plus interest and court costs.

The jury originally awarded Tina $1,400,000 in lost wages and emotional distress damages, but Homeland challenged the verdict and several legal issues involved in the case.

The Court also ordered Homeland to cease and desist from allowing sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace, and to cease and desist from retaliating against employees who complain of sexual discrimination and harassment. Homeland is also required to, within 90 days, amend its policies and procedures to prevent harassment and discrimination in the future.