Sexual Harassment


  • Unwelcome sexual advances or threats
  • Using vulgar or sexually suggestive language
  • Showing or displaying pornography, including swimsuit calendars
  • Sending dirty emails
  • Making fun of women’s body parts or menstruation
  • Talking about sexual experiences
  • Physical assaults
  • Bullying based on gender
  • Messages that certain genders are unwelcome in the workplace

You deserve a safe work environment

Courts have become more demanding about how severe and frequent behavior has to be in order to qualify as sexual harassment. It would surprise many to learn that workplace conduct that would have been illegal 15 years ago is now considered acceptable. This change has been made largely out of the public eye.

Research and experience show that women commonly face sexual harassment. Although men are sexually harassed, it is less common.

Sexual harassment is among the leading causes of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder among American women. People react differently to harassment, and how deeply they are affected often depends on the employer’s response.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of women never file any sort of a complaint regarding sexual harassment. But it is important to report it to your employer—and to keep reporting, even if it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

Speak to your supervisor, your supervisor’s boss, to human resources, and to any available corporate hotline. Reports in writing are best, particularly by email because it creates a record of dates and times you complained.

Make copies of your complaints and keep them at home. Under some circumstances, employers may escape legal responsibility for harassment if you cannot prove you reported it.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment, get advice from someone you trust and who has the experience to help you navigate the situation. A qualified attorney can help you lessen your chances of facing retaliation.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Sexual Harassment

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