Moody Settles Lawsuit with Iowa State

by Fiedler Law Firm


DES MOINES, IA – Former Iowa State University basketball standout Nikki Moody and her attorneys, Brooke Timmer and Katie Ervin Carlson of the law firm Fiedler & Timmer, released statements today after reaching a settlement in a discrimination lawsuit brought against Iowa State University. Nikki now lives in Texas, where she teaches and coaches youth basketball.

Statement from Attorneys

As a student athlete at Iowa State University, Nikki courageously stood up in the face of adversity, and fought back against racial bias and harassment. With the lawsuit and now this settlement, Nikki exposed one of the subtle inequalities of the program.

Statement from Nikki Moody

My entire life has been dedicated to one thing: basketball. My passion, love and safety net were—and always have been—basketball. I love Iowa State. I love Cyclone Nation and Hilton Magic. I had a great career there. While at Iowa State, I tried my hardest to put my best foot forward, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without my parents, Iowa family and Iowa State supporters. We got through a lot together, and for that, I am grateful. With this lawsuit, I did something a lot of people were afraid to do, and I don’t regret that. My hope is that now the proper visibility and oversight will be placed on the program so that it can be a true reflection of what the “Iowa State Way” is truly about. But now, I’m ready to move on. I want to thank all the current and past players that reached out to me in support. It was greatly appreciated. This case has taken a toll on my family and me, and I’ve had to place my life on hold. I have a lot to offer, and it’s time for me to start offering it. I want to live my life how God has planned for me to live it. I want to be happy and successful.People don’t know the real me. They have seen me through the eyes of others. I am strong- willed, passionate, dedicated, loving, outgoing, and giving. I know that I did the right thing, and now I’m ready for people to know the real Nikki Moody and all I have to offer.