Age Discrimination

Examples of Age Discrimination

  • Your employer forces you to retire before you want to
  • An employer hires a younger job applicant even though you are more qualified
  • Your employer declines to promote you because it assumes you’ll be retiring soon
  • Your boss repeatedly harasses you about when you plan to retire
  • An employer refuses to hire you because they want someone “more mature”

Your rights against age discrimination

Employees in Iowa who are 18 years and older are protected from discrimination or harassment based on their age.

Federal law and Nebraska law protect older workers, starting at age 40 and older.

Mandatory retirement ages used to be very common. Now they’re mostly illegal. Whether for the money or simply for the satisfaction of working, many people now choose to work beyond age 65.

Employers and coworkers are not always appreciative of the experience and continued contributions of older workers. Although it’s certainly okay to hold senior employees to normal performance standards, critiques that sound like a list of stereotypes are a red flag.

In our youth-oriented culture, the normal aging process sometimes brings with it a loss of confidence. If your employer attacks your performance, don’t just assume they must be right and your skills are fading. Get an honest assessment from family members and coworkers you trust. It may be that the assessment is unfair, is based on stereotypes, or because your boss is intimidated by you.

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