Sex Discrimination

Examples of Sexual Discrimination

  • You are held to higher standards than employees of the opposite sex
  • Your employer prefers members of one gender for particular jobs
  • You receive lower pay or benefits than coworkers of the opposite sex even though you perform a job requiring similar skill, effort, and responsibilities

Take action against sexual discrimination

Both males and females are protected from sex discrimination in employment. Employers cannot treat you differently based on your gender, even if it is to make customers happy or to “protect” you.

For decades, courts have recognized that employers often judge employees’ work performance differently based on stereotypes of how men or women “should” behave. We all have stereotypes, and they’re not illegal. But it is illegal to restrict employees’ career opportunities because of gender.

Employees’ failure to conform to expected sex stereotypes is a common reason for discrimination. The manager involved may not even be consciously aware of his or her bias, but the negative effect on employees is the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Discrimination